The Team

It’s an experience you should live as often as you can. Documenting the most beautiful moments and people in your life with Reina behind the camera is almost too easy. My children adore her, I adore her! Thank you Reina
— - Jennifer C.

Charles, Coordinator/Co-Owner of Reina Procee Photography
Reina, Photographer/Co-Owner of Reina Procee Photography

Reina & Charles have been together for over a decade and married for almost that, and in June of 2019 Charles decided to join Reina in running this business because, well, she is good at photography, she isn’t that great at photography AND running a business haha! So when you send us an email, or contact us via phone you will be reaching Charles, and he will be much more adept at helping you through booking, planning and scheduling your session. Reina is still very much involved in the creative aspect of the business, and is super excited to work with all of her clients! Here are her words on why she does what she does:

“Choosing a professional photographer that you know will match your style, personality and budget is a very daunting task. It's a leap of faith, and because I understand that I want to let you know a little more about what you can expect from me. 

I look at photographs as a form of validation. If you have images of your family on your walls it only reinforces the love you have for each other. You will walk by these images on your wall, and they will make you smile, and in times your family is tested, these images will remind you of the love you are surrounded by. This is why I do this.

My sessions are stress free, because I am not asking for you to be anything but yourselves. You will have images that show your family as it truly is. The beautiful chaos. The small tender moments. 

I work as a professional, with almost ten years of experience in photography and the expertise to know how to pose you in beautiful, flattering poses, and who can also safely and lovingly pose your newborn. When you enter my studio you will feel at home, and when we speak to each other it will feel like I am a fast friend. 

I give you my pledge to respect your memories, to fall in love with your children, and to deliver you lasting art that you will want on your walls for decades to come.”


3463 Rue Evelyn, Verdun QC H4G1P1