Are you a professional photographer, or wanting to be one when you grow up?

Are you constantly trying to find your style?

Are you happy with your life/work balance and making the kind of money you want? Or did you just roll your eyes and mutter something along the lines of "yeah... right"?

Are you finding your sessions are a more stressful than fun, and that you sit and watch your Facebook feed tick by with yet another photographer's "flawless" image, and constantly wonder: "HOW???"

Do you find yourself spending more time at the computer editing, correcting and re-doing what you shoot?

Do you feel like you are so close to getting this all right, you just need confirmation? Or do you feel like you just can't get that gorgeous image you visualize in your mind, out and onto your camera or computer?

Or are you confident in your images but not getting clients in the door?

These are things I want to answer in my time with you. My mentoring sessions in person, or online are super laid back, and basically a chance to find your footing on the right path for you.

And I think the best thing I can give you is the pledge that as long as you want it, you will have my support. I will always be there to answer questions after your session, give critiques and help you to continue to grow.

I truly look forward to working with you!


What will be covered?

Everything you might want to know about running a successful photography business. Everything from In Person Sales, SEO, Website Design, Marketing, Client Management, Portfolio Building and Critique and anything else you may think of!


We will meet by Skype. Our first meeting will be two hours long, and we will follow up with two one hour meetings - these three meetings are $299. If you need more assistance then that we can keep meeting until you are comfortable - it is $99 per hour via Skype.

Once our third meeting is complete you will be added to a special mentoring with Reina alumni Facebook group where we already have a bunch of amazingly talented photographers growing on this journey with you. It is a safe environment to keep growing and a great place to reach me for any questions you may have!

*add on: restructuring, rebranding or building your website - 10 hours of work + SEO specific coaching: $199



- We will have a prep interview. This can be through Skype or by phone. We will go over what you want covered, any questions you may have that I can answer immediately, and how I prep clients for their newborn session. If you wish, portfolio critique can be done at this time as well.

- We will be doing a model call for two newborns, that way we can ensure that you get to see as many poses as we can get done. I will show you the poses I do, the wrapping I do, as well as prop work, composites (with editing shown afterward) and parent and sibling posing.

- We will have your mentoring session in my studio in Montreal or in your studio, let me show you where I put my light, how I choose props and plan a session. You will see the ambiance I set up for myself and for clients. And you will be able to watch my workflow through an entire session. You will also be able to photograph with my guidance the different poses. These images make excellent additions to your portfolio. 

- Once the session is completed, we will have a Q&A portion, where you can ask me anything, and we can clarify anything from the client experience, pricing, to in person sales, and everything in between. 

- Then we will go through and edit this session. Yes thats right I will sit with you and show you how I cull, and edit the session.

- Also included will be free set of actions from my actions company, a posing PDF, as well as copies of my contracts, client communication, and a tip sheet with pointers on everything we touch on and more. 


To have you leaving my mentoring session with the knowledge of how to run a smooth, cost effective, and efficient Newborn Photography Studio. I will always be available for any questions you may have afterwards, and if I develop a new marketing strategy or in person sales strategy even a year down the line, if I see success with it - you will be the first to know about it!

You will not have a better support or cheerleader than me :) 


Email me to nail down the dates that work for you!


One on One Mentoring - $950
Two on One Mentoring - $1600
($800 each! - share this experience with a friend!)
50% due at booking, the remainder due two weeks before your scheduled session.

If you are interested in booking a mentor session with me email me at 



- In the morning we will be covering Newborn Photography. We will be doing a model call for two newborns, that way we can ensure that you get to see as many poses as we can get done. I will show you the poses I do, the wrapping I do, as well as prop work, and parent and sibling (if any) posing.

- We will cover the placement of light, what to look for, and what studio lights to buy. We will also use natural light to show how that can also be used in place of studio lights. We will cover different lighting techniques that will help you to create variety in your sessions, while maintaining control over your lighting and achieving consistent edits. Because lighting is the true key to getting consistency in your images.

- In the afternoon we will do some Mama Love sessions, I will explain my intent behind these images, and show you why mamas who come for images of their children, fully unprepared to be photographed, leave their proofing appointment teary eyed and smiling because they have those beautiful emotional moments with their child captured for them to cherish forever. 

- I will show you how I light these images to help enhance the emotional feel. 

- You will be added to my mentoring Facebook group for continued guidance and assistance from me online. 

Q&A and some editing will be shown at the end of the class. 

You will be allowed to photograph during this and use these images in your portfolio (you just have to mention that it was I who posed and set up the shot)

I will advise you on how you can go about to take what you learned in our time together and practice. 

I will also be available for questions on the business side of things. How my workflow is with my clients, questions on In Person Sales, etc. 


Duo-Payment Plan: $300 paid now, $400 due on date of mentoring session.

Or One Payment at booking for $600.

minimum 8 students in a class needed, plus one host. 

if you are interested in hosting a workshop in your town please email me at

* I cannot teach you if you live or will be living in the Montreal area in the year following the mentoring session.