Mentoring in Red Deer, Ab Sept 17th or Calgary/Airdrie, Ab Oct 1st

Are you a professional photographer, or wanting to be one when you grow up?

Are you constantly trying to find your style?

Are you happy with your life/work balance and making the kind of money you want? Or did you just roll your eyes and mutter something along the lines of "yeah... right"?

Are you finding your sessions are a more stressful than fun, and that you sit and watch your Facebook feed tick by with yet another photographer's "flawless" image, and constantly wonder: "HOW???"

Do you find yourself spending more time at the computer editing, correcting and re-doing what you shoot?

Do you feel like you are so close to getting this all right, you just need confirmation? Or do you feel like you just can't get that gorgeous image you visualize in your mind, out and onto your camera or computer?

Or are you confident in your images but not getting clients in the door?

These are things I want to answer in my time with you. My workshops are laid back and the focus is on teaching you lighting, posing and editing your sessions in a way that shows consistency, allows you to be creative, but also lets you get back to having a life with your family and a balance in your career. 

And I think the best thing I can give you is the pledge that as long as you want it, you will have my support. I will always be there to answer questions after your session, give critiques and help you to continue to grow.

I truly look forward to working with you!

What will be covered?

- We will be doing a model call for two newborns, that way we can ensure that you get to see as many poses as we can get done. I will show you the poses I do, the wrapping I do, as well as prop work, composites (with editing shown afterward) and parent and sibling posing.

- I will be showing you my lighting set up, what props I prefer to use, and you will be able to watch my workflow through an entire session. You will also be able to photograph with my guidance some of the different poses, and I always encourage behind the scenes photos, or videos for you to refer back to later. The images we work on together will make excellent additions to your portfolio. 

- Once the session is completed, we will have a Q&A portion, where you can ask me anything, and we can clarify anything from the client experience, pricing, to in person sales, and everything in between. 

- Then we will go through and edit this session. Yes thats right I will sit with you and show you how I cull, and edit the session.

- Also included will be free set of actions from my actions company www.simplyactions.com, a posing PDF, as well as copies of my contracts, client communication, and a tip sheet with pointers on everything we touch on and more. 

- Finally and best of all you will be added to my Mentoring Facebook group where I have past students very active and helping each other with support and advice. I pop in lots into this group with something new I have learned or something amazing I think you should know, so the learning NEVER stops.

What is my aim?

To have you leaving my mentoring session with the knowledge of how to run a smooth, cost effective, and efficient Newborn Photography Studio. I will always be available for any questions you may have afterwards, and if I develop a new marketing strategy or in person sales strategy even a year down the line, if I see success with it - you will be the first to know about it!

You will not have better support or cheerleader than me :) 


This workshop will be on October 1, 2016. It will be hosted by a past student so she will also be available for questions and assistance.


Regular Pricing (after August 1): $700
50% due at booking, the remainder due two weeks before the workshop.
Payment in FULL at booking and save $50!

If you are interested in booking a mentoring session with me email me at reina@reinaprocee.com 

I cannot wait to work with you!!