Olive Rae Photography will be hosting me for a one day workshop in Toronto GTA covering newborn and maternity lighting and posing!

spaces are limited

September 8, 2017

In January 2016, I had a business changing experience. I did a 1-1 mentoring session with Reina Procee from Reina Procee Photography. She was in Alberta from Montreal for the Christmas season and was offering up mentoring sessions while she was here. I messaged her for some information, not entirely convinced doing yet another mentoring session was really what I needed...but was curious to know more about what she had to offer me. After my first chat with her, I was sold. She did a critique of my current work and told me what she could do to help me step up my game. We spent 10 glorious hours together in January and I was just in awe of what she was capable of. Not only did she step up my posing, she gave me the most valuable business information ever. I have increased my profits and am feeling confident in what I charge and how I run my business.
— Triple Ten Photography


- In the morning we will be covering Newborn & in the afternoon Maternity Photography. We will be doing a model call for one newborn and one pregnant mama. I will show you the poses I do with each of these sessions, and the workflows I use to make sure I am giving my client a variety of beautiful images, newborn posing will include beanbag, wrapping, props and parent and sibling (if any) posing. Maternity posing will include boudoir, classic, and fine art style posing, as well as a few poses with hubby.

- We will cover the placement of light, what to look for, and what studio lights to buy. We will also use natural light during the maternity session to show how that can also be used in place of studio lights. We will cover different lighting techniques that will help you to create variety in your sessions, while maintaining control over your lighting and achieving consistent edits. Because lighting is the true key to getting consistency in your images.

- I will show you how I light these images to help enhance the emotional feel.

- We will have my Stand In Baby to work with to help you attempt poses safely with my guidance while our real baby is being settled or fed. 

- You will be added to my mentoring Facebook group for continued guidance and assistance from me online. 

Q&A and some editing will be shown at the end of the class. 

You will be allowed to photograph during this and use these images in your portfolio (you just have to mention that it was I who posed and set up the shot)

I will advise you on how you can go about to take what you learned in our time together and practice. 

I will also be available for questions on the business side of things. How my workflow is with my clients, questions on In Person Sales, etc. 


It is my mission to set you up with the tools you need to run a lucrative newborn studio
and I want you to enjoy yourself at the same time!

9am-10am: Introductions and Lighting set ups
10am-1pm: Newborn Session - baby led, focusing on emotional images that mama will love!
1pm-2pm: Lunch (I'm buying! so likely pizza :p LOL - I could eat that everyday!)
2pm-3:30pm: Maternity Session - how I pose the female body achieving Fine Art style images - and make mama feel beautiful!
3:30pm-4:30pm: Work with Stand in Baby (excellent chance to get some muscle memory and hands on guidance with posing)
4:30pm-6pm: Q&A, generally we discuss my pricing, how I do In Person Sales, and Client Workflow

Editing guidance is better served through fully interactive online classes, which I will be holding in our Facebook group.

I recently attended Reina’s workshop in Ottawa and I 100%, wholeheartedly recommend it! We had a great day, lots of laughs, and lots of learning. Reina is easy-going and down to earth, and you’ll come away from the workshop with your creativity turned on!
— Closely Knit Photography
Reina is an awesome teacher. She is personable and down to earth and has so much artistic, technical and business knowledge to pass along. Her workshop is an investment you will NOT regret!
— Joy of Life Photography
This is one awesome workshop that you should not miss! Reina is amazing at what she does and is so inspirational. Even after the work shop is done, Reina is not. She has continued to be a huge support long after my workshop!
— Eden Grove Photography
“I’ve done other mentoring sessions that left me feeling intimidated to asked questions. Reina’s mentoring was casual and laid back while still being professional and provided a comfortable safe learning environment for all different skill levels.”
— Jana Foo Photography



Duo-Payment Plan: $350 paid now, $300 due on date of mentoring session.

Or One Payment at booking for $600. 

if you have any questions or you are interested in booking please email me at reina@reinaprocee.com

$350 Workshop Deposit Payment

Mentoring Workshop Deposit amount, the remaining balance of $300 will be due at the mentoring session in cash or email money transfer. Agreement form will need to be filled out before payment is completed. So excited to work with you!! <3

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$600 Full Workshop Payment

Mentoring Workshop payment in full, nothing will be due at the workshop. Agreement form will need to be filled out before payment is completed. So excited to work with you!! <3

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I was so lucky that I registered for the newborn workshop Reina had one year ago. She is a great photographer and person. She is master at Newborn Photography with a unique style. After the workshop I had with her, she has been very supportive still. She shares whatever she knows with her students and really tries to help. I am really glad that I still have her as my kind, knowledgable mentor on my side. Thank you Reina :)
— AzadehDs Photography