Oh I love newborns. There is nothing like their littleness and their freshness.

I love the snuggles.

I love getting to know them throughout the session and looking at their sleeping faces and wondering what their personality is, what will be their dreams, their favourite flavour of ice cream.

Then I love the moms and dads. The wonder in their faces. The absolute deep love they are experiencing, be it for the first time, or the amazement to find out that they have more love in their hearts than they knew for all of their children.

The realization of that feeling that their hearts just grew to an immeasurable size, because of their love for this new tiny little baby.

Reality is that having that beautiful fresh tiny little baby will go by so incredibly fast. From the day your child is born he or she will be going through so many changes! A baby at 1 day in comparison to your baby at 21 days is already so different!

This is probably the most important point of your child’s life. Where baby gets to meet the world and meet you his or her parents. So why not get some baby pictures? Have this time, forever, on your walls. So that what you feel now, all that love and sweetness, stays fresh in your heart as time flies on.

Don't forget, at this very same time sleep has become optional, and more times than not sorta non-existent. Because of this, your memories of your baby so fresh and new will be foggy at best. And for your little one, their memory of this moment in their life will be gone, when they are no longer little and growing taller than you.

This is why I feel it is so important and such an honour to be able to help you capture this amazing event in an artful and beautiful way.

Email me to let me know your interest in setting up an online or in person consultation for your newborn session. I cannot wait to start planning it with you! Be sure to ask for my Newborn Welcome Guide to get all the pricing information you need.

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