Mama Love 2019 - Who is your photographer, and why is she making you put on a dress?

As someone who is not a mom, people have wondered why in all heck do I think that the most important sessions I do every year are my Mama Love sessions. Well I can say one thing that helps me to understand the importance of these photos is that I am a woman. And as a woman I completely understand why almost every woman I come in contact with, whether she is in her 20s, 50s or in between, is weary or downright shaking in her boots before stepping in front of the camera.

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The Beautiful Rose - and the community that helps her thrive | Montreal Lifestyle Photography

Rose is 7 years old, but has the mental capacity of an 8 month old. Her illness is extremely rare, and unfortunately, because of this there is no prognosis. Basically, her family do not know what lies ahead for them in regards to Rose's health. This does mean that they live each day for the moments, and you can see how much hope and fight they have put in, and continue to put in!

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Baptism | Montreal Baby Photographer

I love being able to capture the important moments in your child's life, and Baptism is a big big moment. I was so so honored to capture Ayden's Baptism. His mom and dad said his next big day like this one would be his wedding. How amazing is it that I got to capture such an important day for him!

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Double the Sweetness, Twins at 18 days | Montreal Photographer

I cannot wait to see how these beautiful babies grow and learn about the world and about themselves and each other. I can't wait to see their sweet pudgy cheeks at 6 months, and their chubby little legs trying to master walking at 12 months.

With every newborn I meet, I am excited to see this growth.

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Beautiful Maternity Photos in the Summer | Montreal Photographer

I was so so happy to be able to capture this beautiful moment in this gorgeous mama's life.

Even though she wasn't actually sure that Maternity photos were what she wanted in the first place. She was very skeptical of the session, and I am finding more and more Mamas feeling the same way. I couldn't possibly imagine what pregnancy is like for the ladies I work with, but I do know how women think. 

And I get it:

We don't like to draw attention to ourselves.

We are at times uncomfortable when our bodies change. 

And if you have never had a photograph of yourself that you like, you might think, well I guess I am just not photogenic. 

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