A personal note - Part 2 - Calgary Newborn Photographer

I debated about continuing my personal note blog from last week, there was more I wanted to say on it, but I kept it business. Because I have seen those comments other photographers get when people say, you should just keep it business, we don't want to hear you talk about your weight loss or your personal life, etc.

Then I realized that this is my world that I create to welcome you in. My manifesto (which is still in the works but I will let you all know it as soon as I word it fully and properly) has a lot to do with how I want for you to think about a session with me as a different world. A world where it doesn't matter if your kids are not cooperating and smiling for the camera, because you can trust me to capture moments of them being themselves, where you don't need to worry about your newborn crying (again, lol, always again) because I am there to soothe her and snuggle her, and you can take that moment, that time out you are normally unable to take. I want sessions with me to be a world that isn't real in the sense of all the worry and stress, but a world celebrating your real love, your beautiful creation, your mark on this world, your children.

And because I create this world, I am the boss LOL and I say personal is not off the table. At least when it comes to me, and only when it is in a way that I can grow, but also maybe you can grow from it too.

So here it is.

So today was a day of waaaaay too much procrastination. And honestly I can't tell you a day when I am not procrastinating lol, I do love to distract myself with pretty shiny things, and Chuck (husband/rationality expert/second shooter) noticed that about me, I think, on our second date. But sometimes procrastination is good!! HAHA because sometimes I am lucky and I stumble on to something like this:

This is Sue Bryce, and honestly, I don't know very much about her, she is a creative live teacher, a very talented photographer, but most importantly (at least to ME, today) she is an amazing speaker.

This video is an hour long.

I have watched it twice.

She has literally changed my life.

When I spoke in my last blog I mentioned how 2013 was a year that represented CHANGE for me. I spoke of how that drove me to take my business seriously. But it also was a time for me to look at myself, my life, and protect my dream career that has given me so much. Because I am really good at screwing up a good thing for myself, and I needed to figure out why and fast, so I can realize this dream career I have been given.

Lately FEAR has really been getting to me. I mean, moving to another province, leaving all of my business I am generating here, actually having to WORK at finding clients, where as here I have been lucky to have majority of my clients be word of mouth referred.


Then there is the whole weight thing... oi vey. I am in serious need of a healthy make over. And it's not for lack of trying people, I sit there and try and think about how to tackle this, I know I want a healthy happy lifestyle so bad, I miss dance, I miss yoga.

But what is holding me back?

That question has been tormenting me for months, how can I want something so bad, but not have the motivation, to get up and get it. And its not motivation that I am lacking, I feel paralyzed. Unable to move. What is holding me back?

I have found out what has been holding me back. If you are in the same boat or ever have been. If you have insecurities, unhappiness with your place in life, career, or love. If you are scared of failure, or of rejection or anything that might be standing in your way of realizing your amazing life and true potential:

Trust me.

Watch this video.

I hope it changes your perspective on life, like it has for me.

Much love,