That Beautiful Baby Glow | Montreal Maternity Photographer

I am a big believer on energy and vibes... hear me out. I can read people really well, I think that is what makes my photography so personal and emotional. And when I have a couple in the studio for a maternity session, waiting on the arrival of their first born, there is no other energy like it.

I don't even know if I can put it into words. It is a quiet anticipation, an overwhelming feeling that this baby will become your entire world, and how scary and wonderful that is all at the same time. Loving someone you have never met so completely. For women, it is also this love for the man who stands with them, supports them, and will unconditionally love them through this beautiful and at times messy stage in their life. And for men, it is this wonder and amazement in the strength and power that her body has, that she has.

I feel like only people who work with pregnant women really seem to understand this. It's what passers-by may call a glow, but standing in a room with a woman, asking her to focus on her baby she is growing, asking her partner to place his hands over her belly, feeling the baby move with her, having them focus entirely on each other and this beautiful being they are creating. I can't simply call it a "glow", it is an energy that has no name, but is a beautiful challenge to capture in anyway that I can.  

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