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matthew | 3 month milestones | montreal baby photographer

I love my milestones packages!! I love that YOU love my milestones packages!

As much as I love newborn photography I think I love the milestones sessions more, because then I get to watch as your little one grows. From a sleepy curly newborn, to a aware, sometimes walking, sometimes talking baby. It is a fascination of mine that in a mere 12 months your child goes from this beautiful little baby, to a child who can interact with his or her environment. And the BEST thing? You start seeing more and more of their personality, which will shape who they will be for the rest of their lives.

Up until I found photography and all that this art has given me, I was studying psychology. I wanted to be a developmental psychologist, so it makes sense that milestones would be a session I would offer, and truly enjoy!

And this saturday I got to meet Matthew for the first time.

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matteo | first birthday party | montreal baby photographer

So I am a klutz... Like its just getting old how much I injure myself! And last friday was a doozy. I fell down the stairs. It is as serious as I live in a one bedroom apartment, and there are only 5 whole stairs in this little apartment... but I found a way to fall down them. But the crazy thing about me? I have never broken a bone in my entire life... including last Friday!! I did sprain my big toe and it is still double the size of the other toe.

I was so mad that I fell!! The reason being, I had a birthday party to shoot on that Sunday. And after talks with Daniela (Matteo's mom) I knew there was NO way I was going to miss this party!!

And I am so glad I didn't miss it because boy was it a PARTY!!

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connor 3 weeks | beautiful baby photographer | montreal

Every single baby I meet touches me heart. I fall in love with everyone of them. Connor is no different, but I also just fell in love with his sweet family. They are so laid back but very kind. And you can see that in their children, Owen was already embracing being a big brother, we didn't have to ask him to kiss his brother he would just kiss him when we placed Connor down in his arms. Connor was so calm, but he was a kicker, haha, he did not like being swaddled because he loved to have his legs free, but he tolerated the swaddle every once in a while.

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Eli | 7 days | Montreal Newborn Photographer

These folks are technically my first clients in Montreal, at least the first to book. I met Leann through YES Montreal, where she works and where I go to get advice on all things business and art related.

I can't even be sure to express the sense of calm and feeling that I would be ok, which came over me when I first met Leann. I met her before her maternity session, because we had been talking for months before I moved. When I arrived in Montreal she took me out to lunch and we got to know each other. That first day, meeting her and then meeting my coaches at YES Montreal made me feel so welcome in Montreal, and made me feel like this dream of a photography business could actually come true.

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newborn baby boy | 7 days new | montreal

Little Sora was a sweet little client of mine, a newborn born on the first of December and the cutest little sleepy-head I have ever met :) He was an absolute pleasure to capture and its no surprise because he comes from a mom and dad that are some of the kindest people I have ever met. Much love to this family and their new addition! It was my incredible honour to capture your family so fresh and new!

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