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matthew | 3 month milestones | montreal baby photographer

I love my milestones packages!! I love that YOU love my milestones packages!

As much as I love newborn photography I think I love the milestones sessions more, because then I get to watch as your little one grows. From a sleepy curly newborn, to a aware, sometimes walking, sometimes talking baby. It is a fascination of mine that in a mere 12 months your child goes from this beautiful little baby, to a child who can interact with his or her environment. And the BEST thing? You start seeing more and more of their personality, which will shape who they will be for the rest of their lives.

Up until I found photography and all that this art has given me, I was studying psychology. I wanted to be a developmental psychologist, so it makes sense that milestones would be a session I would offer, and truly enjoy!

And this saturday I got to meet Matthew for the first time.

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