Double the Sweetness, Twins at 18 days | Montreal Photographer

I must say, I was quite nervous for this session. 

I mean there ARE two of them!

I figured it would be too much, I would not have time to focus on one of them at a time, and what if they cried the entire time? 

But it was super silly for me to be so nervous really. While one ate I worked on the other, and then switched! And when they both fell asleep I was able to work with them both at the same time! 

But when they both cried... I must say it was hard for me, I wanted to hold and soothe them both, and I couldn't. So my heart goes out to this beautiful mama and the two handfuls that she has. 

What sweet handfuls they are!!

Anaïs is already headstrong. I could see it when I posed her :) She was a delight, and she knew better poses than I did so I let her do her thing!

Little Rhys was a SWEETHEART, quieter than his sister and he seemed to miss her when he was on his own.

I cannot wait to see how these beautiful babies grow and learn about the world and about themselves and each other. I can't wait to see their sweet pudgy cheeks at 6 months, and their chubby little legs trying to master walking at 12 months.

With every newborn I meet, I am excited to see this growth.

But for now let's send Mama some happy baby vibes :) just so she can take a breath <3

Keep scrolling to the bottom to see their session on a beautiful slideshow!