Elyse - Calgary Newborn Photographer

I love every one of my babies. They may cry, they may poop on my pretty blankets, they may just say to me that they need to reschedule with a very loud "Wah! Wah! Wah!" But the great thing about me (I at least think so) is that I tend to have a selective memory. Because when I look at the shots I take I think about their sweet little faces, soft and warm, falling asleep. Their little coos or cute little grunts. I look at their pictures and wonder who they will be? And I never remember how many tries it took to get them to sleep, I never remember the poop.

But then there was Elyse. And I will always remember her session. Because this was a session that was almost too easy! She slept the entire time! And I got to hear the words I love to hear which were, "you must be a baby whisperer." Oh trust me I am not! LOL Elyse and I just clicked... She knew what I needed from her and she delivered!

Congrats to Helen and Yaro! She is a gem and so gorgeous! You did good!