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So during my blog a year ago of beautiful Vivian I mentioned developing a package where you can have me help you capture your beautiful baby's growth through its first year of life.

Now, I am not a mom. And sometimes, in this industry, that kinda works against me. I mean what do I know about what it's like to have a baby? And it's true I have probably only scratched the surface. But I am a great listener, and I am very empathetic, meaning I can put myself in another person's shoes quite easily. It is because of this I have a pretty good understanding of what it is like to have and love a child. Some people will insist I have no idea lol... but I would counter that with: look at my work. One client of mine has said that I take photos with the eye of a friend or family member, but with the technique and talent of a professional photographer. I use that now in my "about me" introductions, because it is exactly what I do. I use the hour or two that I spend with you and your family listening, getting to know you and for that little bit of time, I am putting myself into your family. I am looking at your child with the love that I see in your eyes, and I am capturing everything I can to help you freeze that moment in time.

This is why I believe this Milestones package is a wonderful option to capture the first year of your child's life in an artful and creative way.

One thing I have heard EVERY mother on the ENTIRE planet that has ever spoken to me is that they want to slow that first year. Your child grows and changes so much in that year. I can take a picture of your 5 year old child now and then again in 6 months and you won't see too much of a change... but from newborn to 3 months, 6months, 9 months and a year your baby goes through so much growth! So many little milestones, so many big ones!

Here is how I can help you to capture these moments, and freeze time that moves way too fast...

First off if you book this milestones package within three months of your newborn session you get a $75 credit towards prints.

For each stage (3,6,9 month and 1 year) you get:

- 1 hour of photography - in studio (unless the weather is warm enough for baby to be comfortable)

- 1st year birthday session can be a cake smash as well as a portrait session, also a couple of family portraits in this session and at 6 months will be included at no extra charge.

- ALL edited images from each session via digital download

All of this is available to you over the span of a year for $1195

(Every child develops at their own unique rate, I will consult with you when we are booking the sessions as to what your child is able to do at this age)

3 Month Stage

3 month baby girl laughing3 month baby girl laughing3 month baby girl toesthree month baby girl profile3 month baby girl smiling at camera

Most babies at the three month stage can lift their head while lying on their tummy. The are becoming more aware of their surroundings and have already been practicing their beautiful smiles. They can focus their gaze, and are using their limbs to get to know their own coordination as well as their surroundings.

6 Month Stage

Babies at this age can generally sit on their own, although I have met older babies in need of assistance with this as well so unless your baby is well practiced, any sitting shots will be done with hands-on assistance. They are able to reach out and grab objects and toys. Your child will start making silly noises to communicate, so I will be working to capture their babbling faces. They are pretty much as aware as we are of their surroundings so watching them interacting with the space around them is so precious.


9 Month Stage

At this age most babies have learned the art of crawling. So for your sanity and comfort I would wear something very easy to move in, because we will be wrangling your little turbo crawling machine a lot during this session. Some babies may already be able to stand with assistance and walk while holding on to furniture. They are more responsive to words and can understand them more than they can use them. This is a great opportunity to capture your child at play with their favorite toy!

9 month old boy sitting on couch laughing9 month old boy laughing9 month old boy laughing9 month old boy laughing9 month old boy sitting on vintage suitcase playing with hat wearing jeans and suspenders9 month old boy laughing
1 Year Stage

Your baby may already be walking!! If not they are definitely just about ready! Due to their VERY short attention span you will see that I will run the session much quicker, in order to keep your baby engaged and happy. At this age they are very vocal and will let you know when they are done with having their picture taken. But one thing that makes most babies sit for a long period time is a good cake smash. This is when we get your baby down to their knickers or a special onesie you may have bought them for the occasion, and let them just go to town smashing that cake to smithereens! Included in this session is a family portrait session which, if it is not too chilly out, can be done outdoors. My main focus is to capture some portraits of your baby just being his or herself at this age, a cake smash if you decide to do one, and then some family portraits.


With all of these stages you will receive in total approximately 100 images (about 25 images per session) of your child at different stages during their first year.

You get all of these important milestones captured for the price of $1195 which can be paid in five instalments! $100 at booking, the rest split up between the 4 sessions.

If you have already had your child and are already part way through their first year and would like to capture the rest, please contact me to get a quote for the remaining milestones you wish to capture.

The first year of your child's life goes by in the blink of an eye. You may not believe me but by the time your little one is three months old, you will see how much your beautiful baby is growing and learning.

If you have any questions about these sessions please feel free to email me. I look forward to joining you in watching your baby develop and grow. It is a true honour for me to be able to be a part of documenting this beautiful moment in your family's life!