Vivian - Montreal Newborn Photographer

It has been a little while since I did this shoot, Vivian is already two months old and growing beautifully. I know this because I ask my clients to add me as a friend on facebook, I say it is so that I can tag them in any sneak peeks... but the truth of it is I fall in love with every little soul that enters into my studio and I want to watch them grow! Vivian's mama is doing an awesome gallery of photos, updating it monthly with a picture of beautiful Vivian and little letters "from" Vivian telling everyone how much she has experienced and learned in the last month. SO awesome :) It is because of this that I am tossing around an idea of doing something new, where you can add on to your newborn package a "Grow with me" package, I will explain all of that in it's own post.

Vivian is another beautiful little girl who completely stole my heart. Her mom booked with me MONTHS in advance and because of that Erin and I really got to know each other pretty well. I was so excited to meet her and Vivian by the newborn shoot! I was NOT disappointed :) Vivian was a sweetheart and Erin was a blast to hang out with :) we had a great morning :) Oh and then there was Dad, he was so sweet and gentle with both of his ladies, and you could tell that Vivian already had him wrapped around her little finger. Look out, Cliff, lol she will keep you on your toes in her teenage years :)

It was so much fun capturing this beautiful moment in this little family's life :) Erin told me when we were planning their newborn session that they were not really sappy kind of people, you will see that little Vivian has changed that and turned them right into a couple of saps, and I honestly don't blame them! :)

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