Pam - Montreal Family Photographer

So anyone who knows me knows that I have the worst memory in the WORLD, long term, short just plain does not work. Well actually it is pretty selective, which helps me in disagreements with my husband LOL, but all in all my memory is pretty horrible.

High School, you know of all three levels of school (Elementary, Junior and High) High school was my best run. Elementary I moved to Calgary half-way through, and once I got there all I could talk about was how awesome Montreal was. It was just me wanting to share with my new friends my experiences, but it came across as obnoxious and snobby, so I didn't have many friends in Elementary. Junior High was just a whole lot of awkwardness lol I ended up being closer friends with the higher or lower grades, but never truly my peers. But then High School came along.. and I wasn't popular at all but I wasn't the bottom of the totem pole anymore, this is why I think I remember high school best :) ....and even then I don't remember very much... sigh...

BUT what I DO remember was these two. Pam and Eric. Pam-and-Eric. Back in high school they were sweethearts :) they were an adorable couple and for the rest of us who didn't know them too well, personally, we knew them almost as one entity. Pam-and-Eric. Seriously even now, I say it in my head like: Pameneric. It was so awesome a couple of years ago when Pam contacted me and asked me to capture her family. I said of course! I was SO happy and still am that these two are still together and in love! And look at the two beautiful sons they created. And its not like I sit there and grade people on their parenting when I do photo sessions, I am too busy focusing on camera settings lol, but something that has stood out to me throughout the years of photographing this family, is how much of a team these two are in raising their sons. They allow them to flourish, to express themselves, to be themselves, and because of this I am struck every time I meet Ryan and Owen how much personality and confidence they have. These are two very intelligent and fun boys, and I always look forward a session with them. This session here was no different. They were themselves, they had a blast, which means I had a blast too! :) See for yourself!

I don't know if Owen understood the point was to face the camera, or maybe he was just tired of me. Either way, I love this photo!

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