Ronald McDonald House - April Families

So it really made my heart overflow to do these sessions, I mean I am not thinking that it is the MOST important thing they probably have experienced in that beautiful house, the Ronald McDonald House, but it was the most important thing I could do for them. For me photos with your family are not just hey lets sit in front of the camera and smile so we can document what we looked like in 2013 LOL, no for me family photos is a part of your story, I want you to feel like when you look at these photos you remember your experience in getting them done! And because a visit to the Ronald McDonald House is a pretty significant part of your family's story I want to help these beautiful families to capture this time!

I almost cannot express in words just how amazing it feels to hang out at this house, I know that people visiting here are going through very profound and extraordinary times. But you don't really feel that there. You feel at home. Unbelievable. Amazing. People were so friendly, (everyone knew who I was lol, that was pretty cool) but there was a feeling of family and coziness and warmth. Seriously being in that house was like a recharge for my soul, the people who run this place know what they are doing, they are so fiercely protective of their families and they are amazing, beautiful (inside and out) people!

Thank you Ronald McDonald House and these lovely families for letting me into their lives for an hour, It was my pleasure!

Update: Session number 2 doesn't want their photos on this blog, this is completely understandable and any client of mine can ask for any photos to be removed (: I always put my respect for your family's privacy above everything else!

 Family #1 - this was a family of three girls, one being a TWO day old baby, can we all take a minute to just gush at how amazing Mom looked!!! Like seriously, I would not have looked that good only FIFTY hours after, you know, GIVING BIRTH!! But what can you expect? The ENTIRE family was gorgeous!!

Family #3  - AGAIN! Another gorgeous family, I am not just saying this here people, you can see it in the photos, I was just bombarded with gorgeous people and their children this month!! So this last family was such a great bunch, totally laid back and obviously madly in love with their little guy. Dad was back home takin care of business, so Grandma stepped in to help with the session and got some great pictures with her favourite little guy. Mama was beautiful, baby was beautiful. Sigh. I really do love doing what I do! Check back next month for my next visit to Ronald McDonald House!!