The Love Grows as Baby Grows | Montreal Baby Photographer

I have always said my favourite sessions are the milestones ones. The chance to watch these little one's grow in their first year, it's incredibly fascinating. And to be able to create art around this growth, is an amazing privilege. 

Of the four sessions I do in the first year, my absolute favourite session is the 6 month session. Baby is more smiley, they can generally sit on their own (although they may need a little bit of help), and they DROOOL. I don't know, but all those things combined adds up to an extremely adorable session!

And lets not even talk about their chunky arms and legs. If I could be paid to just munch on their chubby cheeks or knees, I definitely would, but unfortunately moms and dads really want pictures instead. 

I do confess, the biggest reason why the 6 month session is my favourite of the milestones sessions is that I get to include family portraits in! And I love seeing the evolution of growth within the family dynamic as well! Dad, who used to hold their newborn gingerly, trying to be delicate and soft with this tiny little baby, now holding his daughter above his head and making her giggle with glee. Mama, who used to look at her baby with such awe, has now evolved to this confident mother who is just delighted with her little girl. It is my favourite thing to see the immense love parents have for their newborn continue to grow and grow as their baby grows. 

Capturing this little girl was a perfect example of what I love about 6 month sessions. It's a sweet and beautiful moment in time. And I can't help but thank my lucky stars every day that this is how I get to make my living. 

Keep scrolling to the bottom to see how delighted this sweetheart was with her first interaction with grass!

And if you are interested in booking a newborn or milestones session, please email me for more information! 

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