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I love my milestones packages!! I love that YOU love my milestones packages!

As much as I love newborn photography I think I love the milestones sessions more, because then I get to watch as your little one grows. From a sleepy curly newborn, to a aware, sometimes walking, sometimes talking baby. It is a fascination of mine that in a mere 12 months your child goes from this beautiful little baby, to a child who can interact with his or her environment. And the BEST thing? You start seeing more and more of their personality, which will shape who they will be for the rest of their lives.

Up until I found photography and all that this art has given me, I was studying psychology. I wanted to be a developmental psychologist, so it makes sense that milestones would be a session I would offer, and truly enjoy!

And this saturday I got to meet Matthew for the first time.

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Welcome to my site.

Click on this video below to watch a slideshow of clients I had the pleasure of capturing in 2014. This here is why I do what I do. It is so important to me to capture beautiful, authentic, emotional moments of my client's lives. Nothing stands the test of time like photography, and although capturing these moments of your children growing up is incredibly important to you, so will the documentation of their growth be to them. Watch this video below to see how I can capture your beautiful family!

Booking into May 2015, book your session now, spots are filling up!

If you want a photographer that will make you feel beautiful when you are at your most bloated and swollen, that will put you at total ease, that will handle your baby with the utmost care and never complain no matter how many times she is pooped on - then Reina is the photographer for you! Not to mention the flawless images you are delivered of these incredible milestones in your life! I can't recommend Reina enough!

~ Leann Brown

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Newborn and Milestone Ensemble Release and Contest! - Montreal Newborn Photography


Milestone and Newborn Ensemble Package!!

Just a few weeks ago I released my new Milestone's package, click here to get all the information on that!

Now I am super excited to announce a Newborn and Milestone package Ensemble!!

Meaning for a discount you can book your newborn session and your milestone package together!

Each of these ensembles allows you to pay the total inclusive price in three separate payments:

For the Milestones and Newborn Ensemble the price is $1495 this means, after $100 retainer at booking there are three payments of $465 at the newborn, 6 month, and 1st year sessions.

For the Mini Newborn and Milestones Ensemble the price is$1195, after $100 retainer at booking there are three payments of $365 at the newborn, 6 month, and 1st year sessions.

This means that you can make capturing your child's first year, which are so full of milestones, incredibly affordable!

newborn and milestone package ensemble - premier montreal baby and child photographer

I am so excited about this I decided to throw a HUGE contest!!

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Have your friends and family comment on this blog saying your name and that you sent them. Each comment counts as an entry towards whoever is named in the comment, your friend doesn't win anything unless they do the above entries, but this way you have unlimited entries this way!

What are the Prizes?

Grand Prize

Your choice of 50% off a regular session (at least $375 off) OR $300 off one of the already discounted Milestone and Newborn Ensembles listed above!

Second Prize

25% off a regular session (at least $185 off) OR $150 off one of the already discounted Milestone and Newborn Ensembles listed above!


1. This contest is not affiliated with or run by Facebook in any way

2. You are not obligated to use all entries to win, you choose how many entries you want to use.

3. Prizes will not apply to mini sessions or sessions with gift vouchers (you can choose to not use the gift voucher)

4. Newborn sessions are for babies 5-10 days old, if your baby is a bit older once the contest is complete we will do our best within your child's capabilities and what is safe.

5. All set policies and contracts must be agreed to and signed once prize has been accepted.

6. Contest is open to all clients, but sessions will be held either in Montreal and surrounding areas or within Calgary city limits (during the times I am there) and prizes do expire Dec 31, 2014.

Contest ends November 22 at 8pm EST

Grayson Cake Smash - Calgary Child Photographer

I had a blast with this little guy, he couldn't have his first year cake smash so we did one for his second birthday, SUCH a difference! He LOVED it and had so much fun! He started with his finger, decided to get civilized with his fork and then realized he could do some real damage with his digger truck! Then we met up on a sunnier day for the family photos, and although he and I got ATTACKED by mosquitoes he was a trooper and did an excellent job looking cute with mama and dad! Happy Second Birthday Grayson!!!

Lillian - Calgary Newborn Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this beautiful little girl when she was just under 12 hours old for her Fresh 48 session, and then again when she was 6 days old. She is growing so fast! I can't wait till in a couple of weeks she is in front of my camera for her family's Calgary flood mini session! Here is a little of what I captured in her portrait session!

Alberta Flood Relief - Mini Sessions

This past weekend has not been a good one for many people in many areas of Alberta.

I can go into all of the statistics, but I am sure if you have a Facebook, twitter, Instagram account of even just a TV, you have heard it all.

And it is so sad, scary, and it definitely makes you feel helpless.

But we can help! And this is how I feel like I can help.

Only cash or email transfers will be accepted for these sessions.

Age limit is the child must be over 6 months, but this is negotiable.

You can either buy a session for yourself or donate money to a session for a flood victim.

$50 payment needs to be made at time of booking.

Email or comment below to book a time slot or nominate a family for a session.

Time slots are first come first serve so book quickly!!

Saturday July 13, 2013


10:45AM - BOOKED

11:30AM - BOOKED

12:15AM - BOOKED




















Donations of locations (a farm or acreage with trees, fields of flowers where I can set up in the shade) or anyone who wants to come help assist me during these sessions for part of the day are also welcome! Please email me with pictures of locations or your interest in assisting me at

I can't wait to send $650 to the Red Cross!

Also if demand is super high I may have to do this a second day, but only if time allows and demand is high

We can't do anything about mother nature, but we can definitely help out each other!

Luke - Calgary Newborn Photographer

It was so awesome meeting this new little family, and such an honor that they drove all the way from Edmonton to get their photos done with me!! Little Luke here is 3 weeks and 3 days old today and although he fought us with the sleeping, he definitely was forthcoming with the cute! Here are my favorite images from this morning.

A personal note - Part 2 - Calgary Newborn Photographer

I debated about continuing my personal note blog from last week, there was more I wanted to say on it, but I kept it business. Because I have seen those comments other photographers get when people say, you should just keep it business, we don't want to hear you talk about your weight loss or your personal life, etc.

Then I realized that this is my world that I create to welcome you in. My manifesto (which is still in the works but I will let you all know it as soon as I word it fully and properly) has a lot to do with how I want for you to think about a session with me as a different world. A world where it doesn't matter if your kids are not cooperating and smiling for the camera, because you can trust me to capture moments of them being themselves, where you don't need to worry about your newborn crying (again, lol, always again) because I am there to soothe her and snuggle her, and you can take that moment, that time out you are normally unable to take. I want sessions with me to be a world that isn't real in the sense of all the worry and stress, but a world celebrating your real love, your beautiful creation, your mark on this world, your children.

And because I create this world, I am the boss LOL and I say personal is not off the table. At least when it comes to me, and only when it is in a way that I can grow, but also maybe you can grow from it too.

So here it is.

So today was a day of waaaaay too much procrastination. And honestly I can't tell you a day when I am not procrastinating lol, I do love to distract myself with pretty shiny things, and Chuck (husband/rationality expert/second shooter) noticed that about me, I think, on our second date. But sometimes procrastination is good!! HAHA because sometimes I am lucky and I stumble on to something like this:

This is Sue Bryce, and honestly, I don't know very much about her, she is a creative live teacher, a very talented photographer, but most importantly (at least to ME, today) she is an amazing speaker.

This video is an hour long.

I have watched it twice.

She has literally changed my life.

When I spoke in my last blog I mentioned how 2013 was a year that represented CHANGE for me. I spoke of how that drove me to take my business seriously. But it also was a time for me to look at myself, my life, and protect my dream career that has given me so much. Because I am really good at screwing up a good thing for myself, and I needed to figure out why and fast, so I can realize this dream career I have been given.

Lately FEAR has really been getting to me. I mean, moving to another province, leaving all of my business I am generating here, actually having to WORK at finding clients, where as here I have been lucky to have majority of my clients be word of mouth referred.


Then there is the whole weight thing... oi vey. I am in serious need of a healthy make over. And it's not for lack of trying people, I sit there and try and think about how to tackle this, I know I want a healthy happy lifestyle so bad, I miss dance, I miss yoga.

But what is holding me back?

That question has been tormenting me for months, how can I want something so bad, but not have the motivation, to get up and get it. And its not motivation that I am lacking, I feel paralyzed. Unable to move. What is holding me back?

I have found out what has been holding me back. If you are in the same boat or ever have been. If you have insecurities, unhappiness with your place in life, career, or love. If you are scared of failure, or of rejection or anything that might be standing in your way of realizing your amazing life and true potential:

Trust me.

Watch this video.

I hope it changes your perspective on life, like it has for me.

Much love,


Ronald McDonald House - May Families

It is such a great honor to be given the chance to truly impact people's lives in such difficult times in their lives. Both of these families have children who are palliative and I truly believe that these children taught me more and impacted me so. I have never been so emotional while editing, but I know that my life is somehow richer by getting to know these families every month.

Ronald McDonald House - April Families

So it really made my heart overflow to do these sessions, I mean I am not thinking that it is the MOST important thing they probably have experienced in that beautiful house, the Ronald McDonald House, but it was the most important thing I could do for them. For me photos with your family are not just hey lets sit in front of the camera and smile so we can document what we looked like in 2013 LOL, no for me family photos is a part of your story, I want you to feel like when you look at these photos you remember your experience in getting them done! And because a visit to the Ronald McDonald House is a pretty significant part of your family's story I want to help these beautiful families to capture this time!

I almost cannot express in words just how amazing it feels to hang out at this house, I know that people visiting here are going through very profound and extraordinary times. But you don't really feel that there. You feel at home. Unbelievable. Amazing. People were so friendly, (everyone knew who I was lol, that was pretty cool) but there was a feeling of family and coziness and warmth. Seriously being in that house was like a recharge for my soul, the people who run this place know what they are doing, they are so fiercely protective of their families and they are amazing, beautiful (inside and out) people!

Thank you Ronald McDonald House and these lovely families for letting me into their lives for an hour, It was my pleasure!

Update: Session number 2 doesn't want their photos on this blog, this is completely understandable and any client of mine can ask for any photos to be removed (: I always put my respect for your family's privacy above everything else!

 Family #1 - this was a family of three girls, one being a TWO day old baby, can we all take a minute to just gush at how amazing Mom looked!!! Like seriously, I would not have looked that good only FIFTY hours after, you know, GIVING BIRTH!! But what can you expect? The ENTIRE family was gorgeous!!

Family #3  - AGAIN! Another gorgeous family, I am not just saying this here people, you can see it in the photos, I was just bombarded with gorgeous people and their children this month!! So this last family was such a great bunch, totally laid back and obviously madly in love with their little guy. Dad was back home takin care of business, so Grandma stepped in to help with the session and got some great pictures with her favourite little guy. Mama was beautiful, baby was beautiful. Sigh. I really do love doing what I do! Check back next month for my next visit to Ronald McDonald House!!

Camden - Calgary Newborn Photographer

I had such a great time getting to know this adorable lil guy and his sweet family! His sister has the sass of a three year old but you can see that she is pretty much in awe of her little brother, I asked her if she was excited for him to grow up so they could play together and her answer was "I dunno" which is super funny because that is what her answer was for most everything hehe. This little boy was such a sweetie and so good to me with all of his smiley faces, I cannot wait to see the cuteness that will happen as this little one grows... I just hope for mama's sake he doesn't grow too fast.

mama & me mini sessions!

Honestly to me, nothing is more beautiful than the love of a mother for her child, except maybe the awe and adoration children have for their moms. Dads are pretty amazing too, lol, but seeing as Mother's Day is coming up I want to showcase this magnificent love between mother and child. All your kids are welcome (: Mamas of mamas are welcome too! I would love to see as much mama loving as possible! (: The information is all in the picture below, and below that you will find the times that are available. Contact me via email (the button to do that is at the bottom of this post) or comment with the time you would like to schedule yourself in.

Also make sure you enter into the HUGE contest I am throwing! I am giving away almost $1000 in prizes click here to read the post telling all how you can win!















Calgary Child & Family Photographer - Ashley Family Photos

Oh my goodness! The cuteness in this family was an OVERLOAD! lol So adorable! And the best thing was they had a wonderful friend give them this session for Christmas : ) Don't forget I do sell gift certificates, I love being the present : )

















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Calgary Child Photographer - Linus Mini Shoot

Little Linus was one of my first baby sessions as well as his first birthday photos in the summer (: I was so excited to hear that he was signed up for one of my January mini sessions. Seriously I cannot get enough of his baby blues and his smile is completely contagious, I am not kidding, try not to smile when you see these (: I am excited to be able to capture his mama in her maternity session this week as well as his little brother or sister when he or she is born (:

P.S. I am not one for gossip but I heard that this little guy has a girl friend, I don't want to name names, but I believe Eloise from a couple of blog posts below is the girlfriend (:











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Calgary Child Photographer - Eloise First Year Photos

I was incredibly lucky to photograph this little girl before she was born in her mom's maternity session, her newborn session at 9 days old, and now here she is back in my studio for her first year birthday photos. She has grown beautifully! She loves walking with her mom and dad holding her hands, and she has the sweetest disposition. I just love watching these gorgeous children grow!







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