5 Favourite Maternity Dresses to Wear for Your Pregnancy Photos! Montreal Pregnancy Photographer

Shopping for clothes is stressful enough, but when your body is constantly changing and growing, shopping can be near impossible. This is why I went ahead and built up a wardrobe of beautiful maternity dresses and accessories for my studio. So that you can just come to your session in your comfiest clothes and leave feeling absolutely beautiful.

I decided I would do a quick over-view of my 5 favourite dresses/accessories for my maternity clients, that way you can see just a taste of what you will get in a full maternity session with me!

Lovely in the White Lace

I am such a huge fan of this dress, I have it in a size Large and X-Large. I have had it fit all of my clients of varying sizes, for smaller ladies it sits lovely on all parts of you and then we make adjustments, like pulling up the sleeves and even pinning the dress in the back. I love having my ladies wear a lovely white or grey bra and underwear set underneath this dress, but if you are feeling brave and wearing nothing under this dress gives us a beautiful silhouette.


Soft in Peach

I actually found this dress in the swimsuit section as a swimsuit cover-up, but I felt it would work beautifully in maternity images. It allows you to beautifully display your curves while still covering you up. I have had my ladies wear their black bra and underwear set underneath it, but we also can do nude underneath, with gracefully (if not strategically) placed arms. The way this dress moves is so soft and romantic, and this colour flatters all skintones!


Boho Beautiful

I have, what feels like, an endless array of bohemian style dresses, ones that you see often with Free People. These dresses flatter all body types and look absolutely gorgeous on pregnant women. With the flattering halter top style, high empire waste, and beautiful draping fabric, my clients look absolutely confident and care-free. Pairing these dresses with a flower crown is a fave of mine, it really gives that earth mama vibe!

You made me feel more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Thank you.
— Leann B.

Kimono you betta WERK!

One of my favourite accessories to use during my maternity sessions is a lovely kimono, or beautiful open blouse. I have my clients wear their matching black lace bra and underwear set with the kimono, to give beautiful contrast to the soft colours and to allow you to show your belly in a beautiful graceful way. I have often seen the photos of a pregnant woman wearing jeans and a t-shirt and her belly is out, and while this is an absolutely adorable way to capture the belly, I feel like the use of a kimono gives this moment a more natural authentic feel. Pregnant women are often always so warm that I feel like if you could get away with it you would wear this outfit throughout the entire Montreal summer!


Regal in Cream

This beautiful dress is not only my favourite go to for maternity photos, I often have mama wear this in the newborn session as well, because your body has gone through such a drastic change, your maternity clothes are already so baggy, but you do not quite fit yet into your pre-pregnancy shirts either. This dress flatters everyone. Wear it with a normal neckline or pull the shoulders down for a beautiful off the shoulder look. This is another favourite to pair with flower crowns, and I feel that all who wear this dress are amazed at how beautiful they feel in it, not to mention how beautiful they look!


I truly hope this has eased your mind in considering to come for your maternity photos. I have many many more outfits, bodysuits and accessories for us to play with. Honestly I even have bras you can use haha (although they are quite small, so I always suggest a lovely black lace bra and undies, and then your white pair can be more plain).

Maternity sessions are so much fun, and I truly love including your partner and your family in the photos as well, even though the session is all about the mama, capturing the love in a man’s eyes as he looks at his pregnant wife is incredibly moving and magical.

If you are considering getting Maternity photos done by me, I encourage you to contact me as soon as you can, I am booking my maternity and newborn sessions months in advance and I want to make sure I can fit you in!

Cannot wait to work with you! <3