Mama Love 2019 - It is beautiful, it is raw, it is real.... it is Motherhood

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Their hands fitting into yours…
Their weight on your lap or in your arms…
Their smell…
Celebrate these moments now - you never know how important a moment is until that moment becomes a memory.

What to Expect in your Mama Love Session

Before you arrive we will be talking about what to wear, via email and I will be soon posting a blog with all the tips and tricks you will need to plan that out. It is important that you know that I have your back throughout this whole experience, always feel free to email me with any questions you may have coming up to your session.

Make up


When you arrive you will be welcomed into the studio by Derek who is your make up artist. Please come with your hair done (honestly just soft beachy waves, or how you prefer to wear it suits me just fine). My studio is in my home so you will be set up with getting your make up done with Derek in a separate room than the actual studio - this will allow me to work with each of you in the studio in a more private way. As you are being made up, the mama who got her make up done before you will be in the studio with me doing her photos. You will be spending 30-45 minutes with Derek, where he will work his magic on you! Click here to see his portfolio, he is extremely talented, and you can find him at Annie Young Boutique & Spa when he is not working on solo projects like these Mama Love Sessions with me!
NOTE: because you will be otherwise occupied, and the idea is for you to experience the full pampering experience of working with Derek, it is important that you have someone help you out with your kids and bring them to you for the time when you begin to work with me. NOT when you come in for your make up - as they will be forced to sit in a small room with you and Derek, and nothing could be more boring than that I am sure!



We will start out the session with a cuddle session of you and your child(ren) on the bed. The focus will not be on me at all, this is your chance to snuggle and tickle and play with your little one. You can choose to bring a book that you both love, or a lovey that your child adores, and just sit in the moment a bit. I will only speak to maneuver you in regards to the light, otherwise I will just be quiet in hopes to allow you and your child(ren) get into the groove of hanging out together. If I feel like you feel you are at a loss of what to do, or that you are nervous, or that your child isn’t cooperating, I will give you my tricks on engaging in a way that is beautiful and sweet in photos, as well as in person.
DO NOT EXPECT YOUR CHILD(REN) TO BEHAVE… this is the moment that we want them to feel free to be themselves (within the confines of keeping them safe of course haha). Too often we feel like our child(ren)’s energy can translate to a judgement on how you are as a mother, that will NEVER happen in my studio. The chaos of motherhood is just that, chaos, it’s messy, fast, and involves a lot of humility. Embrace that. Allow. When mama’s just zen out about the experience, the child(ren) pick up on that and calm down as well. If your child is pulling away from you and is completely snuggled out, I will do some photographs of just them playing on the bed.
We will finish the session with you seated on a chair with your child in your lap. We will have changed you into a dress or shirt of your choosing from my studio closet. Your child will be facing you so - depending on their age - it’s a great time to get some skin on skin photos, so your hands on their bare backs, in their hair and their arms around you, or playing in your hair.
EXPECT SQUIRMING… it is quite common, especially with toddlers, for there to be a lot of squirming and pushing mama away, this is SO normal. And just trust that will my verbal cues and fast shutter speed I will be capturing beautiful moments. Sometimes those loving moments move as fast as a hummingbirds wings, but they are there and I cannot wait to show you they actually do exist.



I will be editing your photos, along with all of the mama’s who embraced this experience, and meeting with you online to show you your beautiful images. I will be there to help you narrow down your images, as well as answer any questions you may have in regards to additional product or upgrading your packages, should those questions come up.
EXPECT TEARS… no joke - 9 out of 10 moms cry when they see their images, because it is proof and validation of the love you feel for these children. A moment that cuts through all the non-stop rush that is mama-life, that shows you that underneath it all, your love is beautiful, the person you are as a mama is beautiful, life can be a bit of a mess, but not you mama, and not your love for your children. When you have these images around your house you will be reminded of that.

This is what you can expect with your Mama Love session. Embrace the chaos, trust Derek, trust me, trust yourself, trust your babies. This will be a beautiful moment in your life as a mama and photographs that your children will cherish for their entire lives.

If you haven’t yet entered into the giveaway to win your spot in this years Mama Love Sessions click here to do so now (winners announced on March 31, 2019).

If you are planning on booking a session, don’t wait until winners are announced, book your spot now and if you win you will be reimbursed! Click here to purchase your spot. If you book before March 31, you will receive either a bonus digital image or an extra 8x10 print, your choice!