Mama Love 2019 - Tips on What to Wear - prepping for your session will be a breeze!

Choosing what to wear and coordinating your children’s outfits is probably the most intimidating thing for most of my clients, so for the full experience of a Mama Love Session, please consider these what to wear tips. You will find that clothes with movement and texture only add to and enhance the timelessness of the moment captured. You want to look at these photos and instead of saying “I can’t believe we used to wear clothes like that” you will be able to focus on the love and beauty of the relationship with your child. So here are my tips for what to wear for mama and for the child(ren) depending on if they are a boy or girl and their age.


2 (1).png

I suggest that if you are not someone who has a lot of white flowing tops or tops that are flowy, to come to the session in a white tank-top and jeans. That way I can provide you with a kimono, open blouse or cardigan for the photos. Be sure to wear jeans that are comfortable because you will be sitting in a bed with your child in your lap. I want you to not be worried about what you are wearing, but instead about your little one. Also wear a nude colored bra and underwear to wear under your chosen dress, colored underwear tends to show through on some of my dresses.

HAIR: Wear your hair in a way that when you turn your head to the side, your hair will not block your face. If your hair is too short to be able to put around to one shoulder, consider hair styles that will allow you to put your hair behind your ear if you need to keep your hair back from the side of your face.

MAKE-UP: Come with a clean and moisturized face. Derek will be doing a light make up look for you, and he specializes in natural glowy looks, so you will look fresh faced and completely natural for these photos. Here is an example of his work:

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 6.18.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 6.20.26 PM.png


You are the luckiest! I have SO much for babies to wear! You are completely covered and just need to bring your little one in a simple white onesie and I will take care of everything else!


BOYS: Dress your boys in jeans and a white t-shirt or tank top. Socks and shoes will be off for the entire session, so make sure your little guy is prepared for that.

31 (1).png

GIRLS: I have dresses that can fit most ages from 1 - 9 years old girls. But if your girl is not a huge fan of dresses, just have her wear clothing that is close to the colors in the palates that I post at the bottom of this post.

108 (1).png

AGES 10+

Look for clothing that matches the following palates of color. Texture, like lace, knit or tulle, are very welcome in these photos as well.


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