Nothin' like a Mother's love | Montreal Child Photographer

I am doing a NEW type of session, and I have a new approach to photography. 

I have done a lot of introspection and self-reflection these past few months, and I came to realize I have moved away from the type of photography that I began with, the kind that truly drew me into the art. Photography to me is the ability to capture the EMOTION between two people. And the emotion that has always struck my heart strings is the love a parent has for a child.

There is nothing more beautiful to me then love. 

So I decided to take a newer approach, a more organic and natural approach. Instead of posing my clients and then goofing off behind the camera trying to get the child to look at me, trying to get them to smile, only to get that painted on smile they do so they can be done with the whole thing and go out for ice cream, because that's what mommy promised. Instead of all that, I acted more like a fly on the wall, letting the relationship that is there already flourish. I didn't need to tell them how to act with each other, they already knew. I may have given soft suggestions of kiss mommy, or tickle sister, but honestly. The love you see here - it's pure, it's organic and it's completely beautiful.