Prettiest Baby Girl Smiles | Toronto Workshop Mentoring | Montreal Newborn Photographer

I obviously LOVE my job. But nothing makes me love it more then when I am working with other photographers. The sense of camaraderie, the understanding of the special place we work from, the support, and most of all, all that heart in one room for the one baby we are working with. It was an experience like no other for me. And I am so happy that the first time I led a workshop was with the women from my Toronto workshop, and with little Maria here as our model. 

Mentoring was something I was ALWAYS interested in doing. I have made a lot of mistakes as I have grown as an artist, and I want to save newer artists the broken hearts and the turmoil that can come with those mistakes. I want to help photographers realize their worth, I want them to thrive in this business, so that they can live their dreams, not just wish for them. Working with the beautiful group of women in my Toronto workshop showed me that I do have something to give, something of great value, and the way I give it is like no other. Just like my clients, my students found me easy going, comfortable to be around and trustworthy. That is a very cool thing. I hope to continue to run workshops throughout the years, whenever I can, just so I can help people realize their dreams. That would definitely be one of my dreams coming true!