Double the Sweetness, Twins at 18 days | Montreal Photographer

Double the Sweetness, Twins at 18 days | Montreal Photographer

I cannot wait to see how these beautiful babies grow and learn about the world and about themselves and each other. I can't wait to see their sweet pudgy cheeks at 6 months, and their chubby little legs trying to master walking at 12 months.

With every newborn I meet, I am excited to see this growth.

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Nothin' like a Mother's love | Montreal Child Photographer

Nothin' like a Mother's love | Montreal Child Photographer

I am doing a NEW type of session, and I have a new approach to photography. 

I have done a lot of introspection and self-reflection these past few months, and I came to realize I have moved away from the type of photography that I began with, the kind that truly drew me into the art. Photography to me is the ability to capture the EMOTION between two people. And the emotion that has always struck my heart strings is the love a parent has for a child.

There is nothing more beautiful to me then love. 

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Elyse - Calgary Newborn Photographer

I love every one of my babies. They may cry, they may poop on my pretty blankets, they may just say to me that they need to reschedule with a very loud "Wah! Wah! Wah!" But the great thing about me (I at least think so) is that I tend to have a selective memory. Because when I look at the shots I take I think about their sweet little faces, soft and warm, falling asleep. Their little coos or cute little grunts. I look at their pictures and wonder who they will be? And I never remember how many tries it took to get them to sleep, I never remember the poop.

But then there was Elyse. And I will always remember her session. Because this was a session that was almost too easy! She slept the entire time! And I got to hear the words I love to hear which were, "you must be a baby whisperer." Oh trust me I am not! LOL Elyse and I just clicked... She knew what I needed from her and she delivered!

Congrats to Helen and Yaro! She is a gem and so gorgeous! You did good!

Grayson Cake Smash - Calgary Child Photographer

I had a blast with this little guy, he couldn't have his first year cake smash so we did one for his second birthday, SUCH a difference! He LOVED it and had so much fun! He started with his finger, decided to get civilized with his fork and then realized he could do some real damage with his digger truck! Then we met up on a sunnier day for the family photos, and although he and I got ATTACKED by mosquitoes he was a trooper and did an excellent job looking cute with mama and dad! Happy Second Birthday Grayson!!!

Lillian - Calgary Newborn Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this beautiful little girl when she was just under 12 hours old for her Fresh 48 session, and then again when she was 6 days old. She is growing so fast! I can't wait till in a couple of weeks she is in front of my camera for her family's Calgary flood mini session! Here is a little of what I captured in her portrait session!

Lisa - Calgary Maternity Photographer

I met these two last week :) We were supposed to go out to the park but there was a thunder storm in the middle of their session. I am actually glad, we had a blast, stayed warm and had a great time getting to know each other! I can't wait to meet the little one in that belly next month!!

Luke - Calgary Newborn Photographer

It was so awesome meeting this new little family, and such an honor that they drove all the way from Edmonton to get their photos done with me!! Little Luke here is 3 weeks and 3 days old today and although he fought us with the sleeping, he definitely was forthcoming with the cute! Here are my favorite images from this morning.

Deborah - Calgary Maternity Photographer

Here is a sneak peek of this beautiful mama-to-be! She is due on Monday and I cannot wait to meet her pretty little girl! This was the session where my camera broke, thank goodness they were so nice to come back for a reshoot! It was a nicer day and a better location. Awesomeness all around!