HAPPY TOGS by Tracy Joy

I met Tracy Joy by finding her Happy Togs page on Facebook. It was right around the time where I was considering starting a movement a lot like what she started there. I am so so glad that I found her page because it is way more organized than anything I attempted would have been, haha. She has such a set vision and a plan, and I truly believe that with time our industry will be changed for the better thanks to her hard work.

Because of this I wanted to have her speak to you guys, my friends. Here is what she has to say:

HELLO! I am the ever geeky, totally loud & obnoxious, people pleasing Tracy Joy.

Along with my other sites, Prop Insanity & Tracy Joy, and ThePropShops.com I am the proud partner (along side Jessica Weinstock) in a sweet little site called THE HAPPY TOGS.

What is the Happy Togs? It’s a SAFE PLACE for photographers… to mingle, network, be and get inspired, but most of all… to be HAPPY.

In the past few years, I’ve seen an increase in negativity in our beautiful and colorful photographic industry. From being over competitive, unfriendly, backstabbing and even a new word being birthed… the BULLY TOG. This made my heart ache, and my “people loving” soul feel confused.


I will state the obvious.. we ARE competing for the same clients… we have mouths to feed, bills to pay, and business to built…. but to me, that doesn’t mean we should indulge in the ugliness of lashing out.

So, HAPPY TOGS was born. To help photographers (and vendors!) set guidelines. Good, solid, heartwarming and constructive business owning. That we can all be friends, as well as business owners.

The most fun in the HAPPY TOGS ADVENTURE… our shoot outs! We just had our very first, in Chicago… and along side 25 other professional photographers in my area… we SHOT TOGETHER! Side by side… with beautiful models and stylized scenes from a magazine… we worked together as photographic ARTISTS, not as competition. It was beautiful, in so many ways. New friends were made, inspiration was shared, and at the end of the day… we all shared a glass of wine (or a moscow mule, ha!).

I mean, what is not more glorious than having friends who share your passion… your creative inspirations… and who totally love to geek talk about camera gear. LOVE IT!

There is enough UGLY in the world we live in, so why not spread some happy throughout it.

BE HAPPY… it feels so much better for the soul.

xo Tracy Joy
The Happy Togs
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