Saying Goodbye...

When I first opened Simply Actions in May of 2014 I was on a mission. It was to simplify the editing process so that photographers like me, constantly overwhelmed with the amount of editing needing to be done, could get their lives back. 

Editing, for me, is tons of fun... but when I first started it was very frustrating... I loved it when I got it right, but I never really got it consistently right. So I turned to actions. And frequently I found myself frustrated with the complexity of these actions. Some had notes for every step the action did, where I had to click ok through each step. Others had layers turned off so that when I used my favourite key combo (command+shift+e) to merge the layers, it would leave behind the turned off layers, creating another step of deleting those layers before I could save my image. Not to mention I was insanely overwhelmed with the thought of having to play within the action to get it to work fine for me. And my biggest issue is that I couldn't find a black and white action that fit me... normally I loved the effects, but they were too strong for the image, and if I lowered the opacity of the action I was also lowering the opacity of the black & white. 

So Simply Actions was born. 

I worked to create simple actions, with subtle changes that could be built upon each other. B&W actions that had the B&W layer separate so you could control the strength of the effect of the rest of the action. I worked to create a library of actions, and eventually evolved to ACR presets that would simplify and speed up your workflow. And by selling actions individually I felt glad that I wasn't forcing anyone to buy actions they didn't need, only the actions that would help them build the consistent editing look they wanted. 

Simply Actions was my baby, and for two years I worked hard on her. I blogged, sent out newsletters, advertised, and helped so many people. I felt charged every time I came up with a new set of actions or ACR presets. I served over 1000 people in almost 50 countries around the world. I HELPED! It was AMAZING!

But slowly, as time went by, things became sour. You know that feeling when you charge too little money for a session and do more work than you bargained for it? That is how I started to feel about Simply Actions. And slowly it became harder and harder to create actions and presets I was proud of. My heart just wasn't in it anymore. 

At the same time I was getting AMAZING opportunities in other areas of my career! I was mentoring with The Milky Way, an online school for photographers, and eventually they would have me come in as a guest teacher for some of their retreats! Additionally I began to mentor other photographers as well, and oh was it amazing! Being able to help people who were asking for it, not just speaking out into the void, never knowing if your voice was actually being heard. 

So finally it came down to this tough decision. It became too expensive to keep the Simply Actions store running, and it was clear that I was no longer able to give it the attention it truly deserved. So here we are. 

I am closing Simply Actions. 

BUT I am still keeping some of my favorite actions and presets available under my photography website. You can find them by clicking here. I have also brought over my favorite blog articles from over the years, and will continue to blog here.

I may still create actions and ACR Presets in the future. But for now I am putting my heart and soul into teaching. For instance, where selling actions and ACR presets were like selling you fish so you could eat for a day, my newest course with The Milky Way, will teach YOU how to fish, so you can eat (or in reality edit) for a lifetime... by that I mean, I am teaching everything you need to know about Photoshop basic editing, INCLUDING hand editing, and making your own actions! I even dive into hand editing in ACR! Right now, for the holiday season it is at a reduced price, so you should definitely check it out if you are struggling with Photoshop!

Click here for more information on 5 Days to Photoshop

Finally, I want to say thank you to Liberty of Silky Presets, for believing in my ability to take on the world of actions with the help of her store. I want to thank ALL of my testers, throughout the years, you have each touched me, helped me grow and have been the biggest inspirations/cheerleaders I have ever had. I want to thank all of my clients. Some of you have spent more than I could ever imagine anyone ever wanting to spend, on supporting my actions. Your support blows my mind, and it fills my heart. 

Although I am saying goodbye to Simply Actions, I am not sad. I learned a lot about myself, my industry and my career during these two and a half years. These are lessons I will cherish forever. I leave Simply Actions proud and ready to take on the next challenge. The conversation will always be here, so I hope you will join me.