Top Tips for Getting Recognized On Social Media

For today's blog I have once again dipped into my MAJORLY talented pool of testers to give you yet another educational and inspirational post. Brittany Gidley of Brittany Gidley Photography is a POWERHOUSE. She runs a highly successful and loved business in Cleveland, Ohio, but her following of photographer friends is vast and spans the globe. Many people look to her for advice and inspiration so it seemed just common sense to have her speak to you for one of these special Christmas days. 

One thing that has always amazed me is how she works with Social Media, so she agreed to give you her 5 top tips and tricks to getting recognized on social media! So without further ado - HERE'S BRITTANY!!


#1- Be consistent with your branding. 

The most recognizable brand in the world, Coca Cola, changed their logo once- in their first year of business.  For the past 128 years the branding of those words has stayed relatively unchanged.  Take what they have done right & apply it to your own business.  Stop trying to follow the trends of colors, watermarks and websites.  Instead, find what is uniquely you.  Developing strong business branding recognition takes time but it is so worth it when clients start to say that they are seeing your business everywhere!

Image by Brittany Gidley Photography

Image by Brittany Gidley Photography

#2- Be different. 

You are one of a kind.  Listen to me when I say that God has planted seeds of greatness in you.  You have abilities that are special & talents that are unique from any other artist near or far.  Use those abilities to create concepts, sets and, ultimately, images that have never been seen before.  If you can produce a product that no other photographer is offering, than you will become even more exclusive in the mind of the consumer.

#3- Befriend businesses. 

You have a talent that can bless others.  More than likely, there are businesses close to you that can bless you as well.  Why not collaborate on something unique and over the top.  Not only do you have the benefit of cross-promoting each other, but you're likely to develop some awesome friends along the way!

Image by Brittany Gidley Photography

Image by Brittany Gidley Photography

#4- Be vulnerable. 

Don't be afraid to let your clients get to know the real YOU.  When you have a joy- share it with your fans.  When you have a prayer need- share that with them too.  This is how long lasting relationships are developed- by lifting each other up in times of need & in times of rejoicing.  

#5- Be social. 

The best social media tool is the one that you will actually use.  Find what platform you love & share with your fans.  Also, don't be afraid to search hashtags of interest to your business to leave some love on their pages too!  When you are posting and sharing, not only about business, but about the person behind the scenes of your business you will be thrilled in how quickly your social media outlets will grow!

Image by Megan Milligan Photography

Image by Megan Milligan Photography

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Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog where you will learn my trick to learn how to get the right white balance while editing. And tomorrow's free gift is something brand new to keep your images warm in this cold winter! :)