Who is your Photographer?

My name is Reina Procee. I am 32 years old, married and mama to my sleepy and super lazy but incredibly adorable pug, Vespa.

I was born in Montreal (lived in LaSalle) and left when I was 10 with my family to live in Calgary. There I met my husband and convinced him to visit Montreal with me knowing he would love the city as much as I did. Meanwhile I began my photography business in 2010 and I began to specialize in newborn photography in early 2012. I took many courses and workshops in order to hone and perfect my craft while also learning the importance of newborn safety.

In August of 2013 my husband and I packed up our U-Haul and drove across Canada to live in our favourite city Montreal.

My husband studies History and is working on his honours degree, and will soon be getting his masters in History as well.

Vespa, my pug, studies the insides of her eyelids.

I continue to pursue my love of photography, and capturing women, newborns and children.

Why do I do what I do?

I am greatly inspired by the newborns I meet. It is the knowledge that, not only am I creating precious memories for the parents whose children grow way too fast, but I am creating a sense of knowing and understanding for that newborn.  When they grow up and look at these photos of their first few days of their lives, they will understand that they were truly loved and cherished right from day one. With maternity images they can see the magic of their beginning. That is what keeps me going. That is my drive.

I love newborns and their sweetness, their little coos and squeaks, the little smiles they have while they dream, and the purity they have, their newness. Baby Pictures are where I get my baby fix!

But I also love capturing women. Women are SO hard on themselves. They sit in front of me already half dejected because they don’t see the beauty that I see in them. I have had women insisting on half smiles because they think their true smiles look ugly! I have had women paste on fake smiles that they have practiced in the mirror. I make it my job to strip that away, to be funny enough to get them laughing, and to pose them in such a way that they can see the beauty we all see. I work to help them to relax, and trust me and know that I know what looks good and what doesn’t. When I see a women with tears in her eyes, thanking me for making them see just how beautiful they truly are, wow. That is my favourite thing in the world.

Images taken by  Tumbling Leaves Photography