capture their story, capture your love.


You don’t need a Photographer…

When considering someone to photograph your favourite people and your favourite memories, it is a given that you would want to hire a photographer. And trying to pick through all of the talented Maternity and Newborn Photographers in Montreal is incredibly overwhelming. But, to me, a photographer is the least of what you actually need. You need someone who will fall in love with your children, who will respect and enjoy your family dynamic, and who will deliver to you product that is beautiful and meant to last for years. You need someone who knows how to pose women beautifully, and who has 9 years experience in working with over 450 newborns. You need someone that will keep you and your baby safe and relaxed, someone who will guide you effortlessly through this beautiful moment in your life.
I like to say that I am one more person on the planet who loves your kids, who will step into your perspective when photographing them, so that you can have your memories, but in stunning pieces of art.
You don’t need a photographer, you need me.


It’s an experience you should live as often as you can. Documenting the most beautiful moments and people in your life with Reina behind the camera is almost too easy. My children adore her, I adore her! Thank you Reina
— Jenn C

Watch this quick video below to get an idea of what a newborn session with me is like!


Capturing your little one’s beginning is something so special, so beautiful. Your little one will see how loved they were even before they were here!


It is amazing how quickly the changes happen with these little ones, capture them now, while they are still so fresh and new.


Capturing the loves of your life, in beautiful art is worth every penny. Your children will see how much they matter, you will be reminded of how much you love and are loved with these images on your walls.


Reina Procee Photography | 3463 Rue Evelyn | Verdun, Quebec | 514.462.1960



I can’t express enough what a joy Reina is to work with! She is easygoing, fun and does awesome work!! Our session with her was beyond amazing and the pictures that came out of it were better than I could have ever imagined! If you’re going to use a photographer, you couldn’t ask for a better one!
— Annabelle S.