So, you are thinking about booking a newborn session. You might be wondering, is this even for you? Are you really that Mom? Trust me when I tell you EVERY Mom is that Mom. I have been specializing in newborns for over 9 years now, and in all of my interactions with Moms, the only time I have ever heard regrets in regards to a newborn session is that they never did one! This is a monumental time in your life—heck in your baby’s life. And you will want to remember every curl of a lash, their tiny little fingernails, their wrinkled skin and their silly milk drunk grins. Unfortunately for you, this is also the time when everything feels like a blur. You are sleep deprived and it seems like every moment you take your eyes off your baby they go and somehow change. They become heavier in your arms, their face fills out, their skin gets flaky, and that precious ear fuzz starts to come off in the bath.

Before you know it your newborn is an infant and ready to roll over onto their belly and start crawling!

While this is such a rewarding thing to witness, the becoming that your child goes through in their first year, the first moments in their life, the first traits that mean the world to you the minute you lay your eyes on them, they should be beautiful pieces of art that can grace your walls.

Newborn sessions generally happen when baby is 5-10 days old, so be sure to book yourself in well in advance, you do not want to be worrying about booking a session in the first four days of your child’s life, so book this session before they arrive. Sessions usually happen in studio (located just minutes from downtown Montreal), but can also happen in your home for a more lifestyle-themed and candid session. Please note that there may be a travel fee if you are located far from the studio. This is something we will discuss during booking.

Also be sure to ask me about my maternity + newborn package called “The Full Story”—sessions like these are an investment so I work to make it easy for you to capture both of these moments, so you can have and cherish your full story!