When you are thinking about getting photos done while pregnant, the majority of the time you are thinking about getting photos of your sweet baby when they arrive. You want to capture their story, whether it is for you to always be able to remember it, or for them to see themselves when they were so young, so fragile, and so loved. But the story doesn’t begin with the arrival of your baby, the story began the moment you heard their heart beat, when you first felt that flutter of movement, the first time you saw their profile on the sonogram. Their story has already begun, and at the same time, your story has completely changed. Instead of being who you were a year ago, in just a matter of months you will be a mother.

You are building that little human inside of you, and while at times that can be a pretty uncomfortable thing, it’s still so incredibly magical.

And it should be captured that way—you should be able to look back and see this moment when you grew your baby, when you loved them even before you felt that flutter, saw their profile or heard their heartbeat. Maternity is an important time, and they deserve to see this moment too.

Sessions held at my home-studio (minutes away from downtown Montreal), and are best done when you are between 32-36 weeks pregnant. So be sure to book yourself in well in advance! Also be sure to ask me about my maternity + newborn package called “The Full Story”—sessions like these are an investment so I work to make it easy for you to capture both of these moments, so you can have and cherish your full story!