Turn up the noise | Newborn Parenting Tip #4


If I had a dollar for every time parents ordered a “shusher” during their session, I’d have A LOT of dollars! :P These tips come from the idea that your baby is in their “4th Trimester” and is still adjusting to life outside the womb. A white noise machine (or shusher) is one of my favorites, it helps to simulate the noises your baby was used to hearing in the womb. White noise not only helps relax babies but it helps to soften environmental sounds that can disrupt sleep so you don’t have to tiptoe around the whole house when your baby is sleeping.

Here’s the one I use.


I often suggest to my clients that if they have an old iPod or old iPhone that they can keep permanently plugged in beside the crib and get an app called Baby Shusher. It has the sound of someone shushing (and it saves you from getting light headed shushing in their ear), but make sure you make it nice and loud, baby's hearing isn't like ours just yet, and they are used to it being pretty loud and noisy in mom's tummy. 

In addition, if the shusher is a little too intense (for you or your baby), it is always a good idea to have background music going in the background. The idea is to keep a level constant sound so that any sudden noises from the environment doesn’t disturb your baby. I myself have Spotify AND a shusher going at the same time during my sessions to keep baby calm.

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