Lifestyle Newborn Session In Your Home!

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I have always been drawn to the lifestyle type of newborn photography. It is a more personal, candid, and less posed version of traditional newborn sessions. But I always felt like I just wasn't creative enough to rise to the challenge of doing sessions in my client's homes. You see, doing in-studio newborn sessions are super comfortable for me. I have everything I need at my fingertips, and I know exactly where the light is and how to shoot with it. But as an artist that can get super boring. 

For a long time I’ve had clients ask if I would do the newborn session in their home. And for a while it wasn't possible because of my health. But after that improved, I didn't have such a good enough excuse. I couldn't deny how much easier it was for my new mamas, who have just given birth to not have to leave their homes with their brand new babies. Which is honestly, a huge deal when I really thought about it. 

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So I had to figure out a way to be accommodating to my clients while at the same time maintaining the quality of work that they expect of me. So I worked out a system where I ask my clients for photos of their brightest rooms during the time of day I would be photographing them. This helped me so much! I could plan ahead. For example, if the light is too harsh, I could bring sheer curtains to diffuse the light. Sometimes, I even ask the ever patient papa to move some furniture (yes I have asked clients to do that and they have been so accommodating!). It does matter what direction the light goes when capturing beautiful photos, but at the same time I promise I didn't make them rearrange their entire room. HAHA!

Having this little bit of insight into the area I would be shooting in changed the entire game of lifestyle newborn photography for me. I now feel so incredibly confident going into a client's home to capture their brand new treasure. I love that I am able to provide them this service, while not compromising my standards and delivering beautiful images. These photos mean even more because they are in the rooms that their child will recognize as their own. Best of all, the challenge each new home gives me keeps my creative juices flowing, and that's the best any photographer could ever ask for! 

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