The Perfect Age For a Newborn Session

Newborn Photo Session twins.png

A question I’m often asked by many pregnant moms and new photographers is, “what is the perfect age for a newborn session?”

This question has a very complex answer. The fact of the matter is, it all really depends. Because of this, I work hard to schedule only a set amount of sessions a month so that I can be as flexible as I can for any situation that may arise

Flexibility is everything

I generally tell new clients that the ideal session time is when baby is 5-10 days old. In fact, I have seen many photographers state that once baby is over two weeks it is too late for a newborn session. I completely disagree.

You see, over the last 9 years of specializing in newborns, I have encountered almost everything. From c-section complications for mom, jaundice or health issues for baby, to premature babies, super duper late babies, or even babies that are having issues with catching on to breastfeeding. 

Any of these things on a new mom is INCREDIBLY stress inducing. So I am not going to be the one to add that extra bit of stress that their baby is running out of time to get beautifully photographed. No sir. 


My experience has allowed me to realize that early babies tend to get hungrier faster when they are in the first 5-10 days slot, because they haven’t gotten their weight up enough to truly sleep deeply. So for those babies I will offer mom the chance to come in when baby is 21 days old (well after the two week growth spurt) and I am telling you, baby is still super sleepy and curly

Big babies are the opposite, and I try to get them in as soon as I can - because lets face it, they are only going to get bigger and my back can only handle so much HAHA!

So I guess the answer to this question is generally newborn sessions happen at 5-10 days or at 21 days, but I am completely flexible. An open dialogue between mama and me helps a lot in making sure we are having the session when it is best and easiest on mama and the baby.

When you book your session you are booking your due date, this just means I know someone is on their way, but we do not book your session until after baby has arrived, and if reschedules are needed they are done without any issue or concern on our end.

Honestly, I mean it when I say we want this to be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. And it truly can be.